The demand of the Esthetic industry has caused a shift from the luxury of soft, pampering services that “feel good”. Today’s clients are men and women with result oriented treatment goals in mind. As health, wellness, and slowing down the signs of aging have become the client’s necessity; the industry is demanding a qualified Esthetician to ensure effective results.

The U.S Bureau of Labour reports Esthetics as one of the top ten growth fields in 2008-2018 and there is no sign of slowing down. Baby boomers are among the largest group of the Estheticians client base today as they have the means and the desire to slow down the signs of aging.

As the Medical profession has come on board with new products and advanced treatments, the bar has been raised for Estheticians worldwide to educate themselves and be properly prepared to reach a much broader market share.
The following questions and answers will provide insight into the areas of Esthetics available, the skills already instilled, specializing and the training for those interested in advancement of their present skills.