Over the years I have had many situations and some were great and some were something to learn from. As I grew up I realized many things my parents told me…were right. Some of the things my friends encouraged of me…were not.

Today I am beginning another journey in writing and am starting with this blog. I am a mother of two beautiful boys that are quite busy in all areas of life. I am a wife, a sister, a friend, and a daughter. They say when one door closes another one opens. I have been blessed to experience that throughout my life. I am a strong woman who desires the best of myself and those around me.

As a frustrated young woman trying to find what was the right fit, I came upon the Esthetic industry and found my calling to not only be of service to many clients but to also educate and share my knowledge with many women over the years who have also struggled with what to do, if they were good enough to do it and how to get it done. Many are not sure of the support system required to make life changes and if they have that in their life.

Esthetics provided me an outlet to share, service, grow, and nurture those around me. As I entered my 40’s my health decided it was going to take a turn and then my whole life changed again.

I am excited at 43 to share through my experience and with this blog how making changes can be something you can worry about or get excited about as you go through the process of life.

Thank you in advance for joining me and my story and I look forward to sharing with you.


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