Business Development

Skin2u is providing business in a new way. As a mobile business my services can meet you where you are in person or in a virtual environment.

  • Mentor in all areas of business development of the Esthetic Industry
  • Create your own business
  • Business Plan

Skin2u works with a preventative approach to how you do business. This approach to the esthetic industry will help the Esthetician, the business owner, and small groups enjoy what they do and how they receive professional consultations in the comfort of their home or work environment.

With over 22 years in the esthetic industry I have worked on individual clients, high end spas, opened spas that are over 15 years in business, worked on schools from infancy, created and maintained curriculum, and educated students in Community Colleges and Private Career Colleges.

Connecting spas with qualified Estheticians.
Many trying to break into the industry and not sure where to start? I provide services to the Esthetician in resume building, interview skills, training, and professional development.

New Estheticians interested in business design can also benefit in creating spa menus and vendor relationship building when trying to open a home- based business, a mobile business, and small spas opening,

Lastly, training is a key part to making sure your business is successful. Advanced training in customer service, esthetic provision, add on services in a small workshop can improve how your employees perform in all areas of the esthetic business.

Ask how we can help?


Skin2u is always looking to pair professional Estheticians with clients and spas. The on boarding process can be exhausting so let us help you navigate through this.

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