Seasons of Skin Care


Four Seasons of Skin Care

Four Seasons of skin care is a customized approach to different skin conditions that occur at each season. Some of the requirements of the skin can vary as the harsh climates of winter and the sunny days of summer change the feel, texture, colours, and overall needs of the skin.

Following the same skin care regime throughout the year can leave clients feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the irritations and altered behaviours that happen with the skin.

Let us have a look at the conditions at each season and follow the skin to examine what happens. Following our findings we can determine some proper treatment protocols and home care advice for our clients to ease the frustration and help manage the overall best interest of the skin.


The unfortunate part in this season is the love of the sun as seen by many. But with all the great exposure and Vitamin D received this is a season that the skin requires the most protection. As many body parts are exposed during the summer months the use of proper skin care products to protect it as of utmost importance. As daily use of an SPF is required daily all year round, this season requires it the most overall the whole body. Many clients frequent water parks, beaches, and the comfort of their backyard on a daily basis. Simple enjoyable tasks like biking, golfing, gardening are all outdoor activities where sun exposure is heightened. Professional treatments can include regular facial treatments to hydrate, mildly exfoliate, and protect the skin. Advanced treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser/IPL  treatments should be put on hold as not to over sensitize the skin to the sun. A result of such regular extensive treatments in the summer months can lead to more pigmentation disorders such as the hyper and hypo of the skin which may appear attractive in the summer months but lend a negative note after when normal skin colour resumes and problems that have occurred are much more apparent.

Home care advice is some of the obvious like wearing light colours, a hat. The most important of course is the use of sunscreen that contains Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide to properly protect from the light and reflect its negative behaviour. Continue to apply throughout the day depending on the activity. Continue to hydrate with proper product such as moisturizers and masks suited to the needs of the skin. Many require lighter water based product regime in the summer months to not clog pores and create a buildup but still leaves skin soft and supple. If more intensive treatments are being done during the summer months, follow the instructions of the service provider and be an honest client about medications and summer plans that may make the skin more sensitive to the light. The future of your skin depends on it.


As we move from the over exposure of the summer months to those cooler evenings and windy days, clothing begins to get a bit heavier, temperatures are set to warmer numbers in the workplace and at home. The tightness, flakiness, drier textures and characteristics begin to appear on the skin. The fall is still a season to protect the season as generally it is still exposed in common areas as the face, hands and arms. Warmer showers also begin to dry out the skin especially as they get longer and baths are more frequent.


Depending on where you love the winters can vary in aggressiveness. The harsh climates and wild winds of winter are a strong attack on the sensitivities of the skin. The damage that is caused acts much the same as the summer sun.  The wind will also cause breaks in the skin, and a raw texture.  Young children and the elderly can be greatly affected. Those who already have sensitive skin find they are bundling up to avoid the cracked fissures that can occur in the hands and the redness in the face.

Many who enjoy winter sports also need to be aware of the direct impact the winter weather causes. Joggers, skiers, or just out for daily walks must still be layered and use sun protection to ultimately prevent the damage.  Drying out the skin without proper replenishment causes dryness and dehydration. Many find they do need to change to heavier products for their skin care regime.

Night time moisturizing can assist in healing and replenishing the skin of its natural moisture and repairing and calming sensitivities that have occurred during the day. Serums and hydrating masks are specialized treatments to regularly handle the harsh results of winter weather.

The skin finds changes just like the seasons. They all require a different approach on how to be cared for, treated, protected, and maintained. The skin reacts to the similarities and the extremities in each person differently.


Everything is in bloom. Windows are opened and the fresh air is warmer and a delight. As the layers are being peeled back, the skin becomes exposed to much needed fresh air that has been hidden over the winter months. After a few months of hibernation, many are interested in getting back out there and showing their skin. This is the season to prepare. Nails need to be refreshed, cleaned, and properly cared for through manicures and pedicures. Watch the overall attitude toward the skin changes.

A brightened complexion can be achieved with one of the customized treatments used throughout my writing that includes a thorough cleanse and exfoliation of the face, neck, décolleté, arms, upper back and neck. Following this extensive clean, a proper analysis will outline any growing concerns that a client may have or become aware of since the skin has been uncovered. The body also is in need of an over haul. Using s soft bristle brush to exfoliate the skin from the bottom of the feet, front and back of the legs, torso and lower back and full arms and shoulders will slough off the build up of dead cells. This treatment is a professional treatment that can be followed by a hydrating or detoxifying mask or maintained at home with proper hydrating moisturizers. The look and feel of the skin is an overall freshness and softness throughout.

Providing your client with proper adjustments for each season as the needs arise for the skin is key to building a solid foundation of trust and value to your relationship. As said many times, the cookie cutter days of treatments are over. Clients are expecting you to provide advice on how to handle the skin and it is the job of the skin care therapist to be truthful about this care.

In closing, respect the industry. It has grown at staggering rates and satisfied a need for a market catering to women, men, and children of all ages, backgrounds, and opportunity. Enjoy time working with people and putting a smile on the face of those who trust you with helping them put their best “LOOK” forward.

Thanks for reading!!




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